What People Are Saying?

"You Have Helped My Business On The Internet EXPLODE!"

"Hello, Ian! I cannot explain in words how much you have helped my business on the Internet EXPLODE. You are for sure one of my, if not, my Best Mentor I have found to learn from. I truly thank you and am always waiting for the next learning curve you send me."

Roy Fielding
Boston, Mass.

"Good To His Word And Is Very Unique. Ian, You Are Definitively One Of The Best!"

"Ian del Carmen is a very unusual marketer. He comes up with so many quality products at an amazing price. He is good to his word and he markets in a way that is very unique. With very few words, he drives thousands to offers that are simply unreal. I am hooked. I own several of his products and I couldn't be happier. Ian, you are definitively one of the best marketers on the net!"

Nathan Romano

"Ian is a stand-up guy!"

"Ian is a stand-up guy who absolutely cares about creating value for his customers."

Justin Brooke

"I’m Always Amazed At How Fast Ian’s Business Has Grown"

"If you want to learn about internet marketing, then you need to learn from someone who has walked the walk, someone who is a successful full-time marketer like Ian del Carmen. I’m always amazed at how fast Ian’s business has grown in such a short period of time and his ability to create product after product... keep up the great work!"

Jeff Dedrick
Janseville, WI. USA

"Awesome Tips!"

"I just drop by to say thank you for the awesome tips and great products that you always send out. I saved a lot of money and also find that the infos that you provide are of great value. I have the privilege of knowing Ian personally a few months back in Singapore and from my personal experience with him, I can say that he is really a fantastic guy and a very a helpful person when it come to helping people out. He is always there to help without any obligations. You can count on him. I am proud to know him and proud to call him my friend. Thank you Ian for being "real" and down to earth. And also for the great products that you introduced all these months. To your ever growing success!"

Matt Ng

"Ian Is A Great Guy in Internet Marketing Arena"

"Ian is a great guy in Internet Marketing Arena... I met him in person in a seminar in Jakarta. He is great in developing a team to work for him and deliver great products every time. I can not keep up with his pace ;-) Great Guy with BIG energy to produce great stuffs!"

Heri Rosyadi

"Reliable Information!"

"Ian always provides reliable information that gets anyone earning their fist paycheck online. I highly recommend Ian if you own an online business and want to tune it into a thorough 'racing bred'"

Fabian Tan

"Helpful and Great Product!"

"Ian, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I appreciate your helpful information and great products! I actually look forward to receiving your emails because I know that you're going to have valuable info for me! You truly want to help new marketers and I respect and admire you for that! Too many successful people seem to forget that they were "newbies" once! I don't see that in you. I see a man that loves to see people learn and succeed. You and your helpful staff are my kind of people! Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you soon!"

Kristi Sayles

"First Class All The Way!"

"I have been involved with marketing online now since 1997 and in particular working with membership sites since 2007 and I thought this package the best I have ever seen on the internet. And, what a price. It's a steal! Anyone who purchases this package can hit the ground running and get any one or all of them online so much quicker than trying to do it all yourself. FIRST CLASS all the way... Now, that's what I call a PROFESSIONAL Service with a capital "P"! At the end of the day it's Ian del Carmen who stands out from the crowd. Well Done."

Ron Hotchkiss

"Over $2000 In One Day!"

"Wow Ian, I'm on cloud 9 at the moment. I joined your Internet marketing group and my results from day 1? Over $2000 in one day! I just wanted to thank you for this great opportunity, Ian. It's going to allow me to drop off and pick my little girl from school every day... That's priceless!"

Dave Offen
East Sussex, UK

"Highly Recommended!"

"I am brand-spanking new to the Internet. They do not come any greener than me a total newbie. Yet I was able to benefit immensely from this and put to use what I learned. I would highly recommend this to both new-comers and pro's alike..."

Genelou B. Ceballos

"Great Customer Service!"

"Ian, thanks for your prompt attention and assistance following the sale. So often, buyers are forgotten after the money is collected. I appreciate your customer service and, of course, the value in the products received."

Chris Kilian

"Products That Can Help Me Succeed Online!"

"Hey Ian, Thank you very much for every valuable information products you offered me since I joined your list. I believed what you offered me are products that can help me succeed online! God bless Ian!"

Eduard Miguel

"5 Thumbs Up!"

"With Ian del Carmen, I have truly stumbled onto a gold mine of a resource for all things internet marketing! Ian is exceptionally prolific as a source of ideas, products and affiliate promotions. And his support system is tops, bar none. Two thumbs up (if I had 5 thumbs then it would be 5 thumbs up)!"

Carl Kukec

"Internet Marketing Guru!"

"Being a Filipino, I'm so proud of Ian del Carmen. He's a fellow Filipino who has achieved international "Internet Marketing Guru" status, establishing his company in America, Europe, and Asia. He's the best."

Bro. Bo Sanchez

"A Real Blessing!"

"Hi Ian! Quite frankly, Fireball is just so amazing. Ian, I must say, you are a real blessing a lot of folks like myself through your very affordable prices. So I would like to really thank you so much. I have been out of work over 4 years now, but I know my breakthrough is just around the corner. Once again, thank you. God Bless."

Paul Toimata

"I Made Over $10,000! Worth Every Penny!"

"It is worth every penny you pay! I have already made over $10 000 in the last 2 weeks, and profits are STILL RISING!"

John Abe

"The BEST I've Seen!"

"Nice! Your product is the best I've seen. Your team is friendly and helps me as a beginner..."

Augustinus Ferry Yonatan

"At A Good Price!"

"Hi Ian. I just wanted to say, "Thanks!" for all the high-quality (and... at a good price) offers you make available to marketers like myself. Keep up the great work!"

Dr. Chris Lackey
North Carolina, USA

"I Love Your Products!"

"I am a crazy Norwegian and I believe I create my products fast. But Ian is not human... he IS the Fireball! Ian, I love all of your products and you are one of the few people I actually stay subscribed to :)"

Joern Lillehagen

"Perfect Home Business Plan Ever!"

"I am so EXCITED. Ian has developed the perfect home business plan ever. I have worked with non-profit organizations and now can help others to achieve success, a win/win for both. Thank you. Half of all profits will be going to help others and will allow me to reach my dreams to have my own non-profit to be able to pay it forward. Thank you, Ian!"

Fatima Karabegovic
Florida, USA


"Hello, Ian! YOU are Marvelous! Truly! Really!!! Easily, I can say to YOU: Thank you for being you. That’s about the best compliment that I could give you or anyone else. I know you are marvelous because I have been studying Internet Business Masters for years! Without question, you are an outstanding professional leader and Inspiration. I admire what you do and how you do it with Integrity and congruent character. You are SO good that I am often overwhelmed with the broad scope of knowledge and technical abilities that you present. As a student of Human Motivation and Behavior, I very much enjoy learning from the experts like yourself! So again, thank you!"

Norm Abbott
Ontario, Canada

"I Can Count On You!"

"Hi Ian, Just a quick note to tell you that you and your team of angels at Fireball Planet are really impressive - being so fast in your support response as well as so productive when it comes to creating new products at such amazing speed in such efficient manner. Nowadays, for any internet marketers to succeed, they just have to have in-demand products created as quickly as the market need is there. With Ian del Carmen, we can rest assured that we'll have a constant stream of new "toys" to promote to our lists. Thus it's whole lot easier to surprise our clients with so many new products being made available almost everyday. I know for sure I can count on you when it comes to developing new and good quality products fast and easy. Keep up the good work! Many thanks again."

Dr. Kang-pang Chan
Hong Kong

"Want To Make Money Online? Ask Ian!"

"Ian knows what he is doing. He was serious in his business. I've seen him how he work and I know that his Fireball Planet Corporation over delivers. Over delivering is his one strategy that I am incorporating to my offerings. If you want to make money online then ask Ian and I'm assure you that he will help you. More powers Bro!"

Ross Dalangin

"100% Satisfaction!"

"Ian is one of the most extraordinary guys I've met. You won't believe how someone who is so fun to be with can be such a genius when it comes to making money online. His company is topnotch and he always strives to give 100% satisfaction to his customers."

Michael Lee


"Ian is THE FIREBALL and a great marketer. I just drop by to say thank you for the awesome tips and great products that you always send out. I saved a lot of money and also find that the infos that you provide are of great value. I had the privilege of knowing Ian personally a few months back in Singapore and from my personal experience with him, I can say that he is really a fantastic guy and a very a helpful person when it come to helping people out. He is always there to help without any obligations. You can count on him."

Matt Ng

"Great Mentor!"

"Ian, you are one of the most respected marketer in the world. You always launch a new product that helps people to make their money online, and you sincerely help us who are in need. You are indeed a great mentor. Thanks for everything!"

Dee Ferdinand

"Top Notch!"

"Ian blows me away by constantly putting out top notch programs for his customers. I don't know where he gets the time or energy to develop everything, but bless him for doing it. If you want to mimic someone that's doing well online, then you need to keep your eyes on Ian del Carmen."

John Hostler
Chicago, IL

"Very Supportive!"

"The Internet Marketing systems delivered by Ian and his team are very supportive in helping people to get an online business. The implementation and the offline marketing planning depend on your skills, but don't worry, already more than half of the way was done. Keep your mind open to catch the opportunities."

Cerasela Vlad

"You Truly Deserve To Be A Multi-Millionaire"

"Ian del Carmen... If I become an astronaut one day and discover a new planet, I'll name it after you.

Ian is some of the highly crucial components to my Joint Venture force and Internet Marketing success. All talk? He made it top 10 in my biggest Private Label Rights Gold blowout in 2007. It was a six-figure Product Launch and Ian pitted against 585 active affiliates and JV Partners. Ian is truly different from many JV Partners out there - he takes your business and success as serious as he takes his (which means, VERY SERIOUS!). He had gone great lengths to produce attractive bonuses for my promotions and have seen him done this selflessly for others. Ian, with an outstanding character and personality, you truly deserve to be a multi-millionaire. And if you've got the chance to work with him, count yourself really blessed! Thanks a heap, Ian!"

Edmund Loh

"Out of the Ordinary"

"Ian has got to be one of the most creative marketers on the Internet. Ever since I was ambushed by him and a camcorder at a Singapore event, I realized that he is someone who thinks outside the box. His never-ending production of new and interesting products bears out my first impression. Anytime, it's an Ian del Carmen website, I know I will see something out of the ordinary and also great design work. He definitely is a Fireball."

Kevin Riley

"Two Thumbs Up!"

"Hi, Ian! Two thumbs up for your continuous devotion in creating invaluable products that walk through a lot of people to the IM arena! Ian's creations simply topnotch that delves out nuggets and quality information that has the potential to take the audience to a new level of success on the niche they are in to! Keep it up!"

Andy Immotna

"Ian Made Me A Successful Earn-at-Home Person!"

"This used to be my best kept secret, but heck it must come out anyway so here I am revealing to you that I have learned everything that I need to know about making a living on the internet right under Ian's wings. It would be too selfish for me if I don't admit that Ian made me a successful earn-at-home person. Kudos!"

Vic Ocampo

"Thank You Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams!"

"Over at Barclay Asia, we don't give testimonial unless we think thinks it's due... we were working behind the scene (under the radar) We would like to thank you for being helpful in helping others achieve their dreams..."

Barclay Asia

"What a Breath of Fresh Air!"

"Hi, Ian! Thanks for putting this whole thing together. Well... The value is there, no doubt... But the pricing??? What a breath of fresh air! In today's economic atmosphere, it's hard to justify some business costs. Times are tough but you are really helping out a lot of people by pricing this within reach of anybody who is serious about their online business, but happens to be on a ‘shoestring’ budget. Great work Ian!"

Jason Anderson
Florida, USA

"Top Class!"

"I've been working with Ian for over a year now and it has been an absolute pleasure! He's a top class marketer who is always looking to engage into long lasting partnerships which in turn produce excellent products. He's the person I first think of when I'm looking to create a new and successful project! …and I'm really looking forward to working with him again in the future."

Brian Wynn
New York, USA

"This Will Pay Off Big Time!"

"You're planting seeds that will pay off big time in your business and future. We have seen your progress and it's cool to watch..."

Tom Beal
New York, USA